Spaces: Nike's Flagship Store of The Future

Nike just opened the next level of retail with its new 68,000 sq ft flagship store in New York City dubbed the Nike House Of Innovation 000. Spanning six-floors, the space is packed with customer-facing experiences and new innovations in retail. The store has the largest collection of Nike shoes for sale in the world, a "speed shop" filled with popular items available for grab-and-go buying, and incorporation of new features from Nike's shopping app, including instant purchase.


One floor is dedicated entirely to sneakers — including an area specifically for women's shoes — while another is dedicated entirely to men's clothing. Women's and kids' clothing share a floor.


Immediately apparent when walking into the store is how important digital has become for the company, informing both online and offline initiatives for the brand. One of the biggest ways it is doing this is allowing customers to interact with the store through the Nike app and Nike Plus, a free digital membership program.


Nike Plus members "shop more, they're more engaged, their average purchase price is higher," says Heidi O'Neill, the president of Nike's direct-to-consumer business.


Nike Plus members get perks like free courier delivery for purchases at the new store, free shipping for online purchases, and "unlocks," which can include anything from exclusive access to in-demand shoes to members-only store hours. In a first for the company, the top floor is dedicated to Nike Plus members. It's where they can book one-on-one appointments with Nike experts or customize products to make them more personal.

For app users, Nike is launching two new features: shop the look and instant checkout. The store's mannequins are displayed throughout the store with QR codes, which the app can scan. Once the code is scanned, the app can tell you what the mannequin is wearing, which can then be delivered to a fitting room or brought out by an employee.

Instant checkout is exactly what it sounds like. Scan the barcode of the item you're holding with your phone, press purchase, and walk out of the store. There are kiosks with hanger deposits and shopping bags.


The very bottom of the store is what Nike calls the Speed Shop, which has its own entrance on 52nd Street.

It's the next evolution of what Nike has piloted with its Nike Live stores, the first of which opened as Nike by Melrose in Los Angeles this summer.

"For someone that might need to just stop in to pick up a new running shoe — be in and out or stop at lunch hour — we have that space," O'Neill said. "That was the insight: to take the neighborhood experience of Melrose and make sure this store wasn't just for the globe. It was for New Yorkers."

via: Business Insider