People You Should Know: Drew Glover - Welcome Box, Inc


Name: Drew Glover

Representing: Oakland, CA

Company: Welcome Box, Inc. (

Title: CEO and Co-Founder of Welcome

What are you working on that people should be excited about?

Right now I'm working on my new company, Welcome. The modern traveler wants the hotel experience, but no longer wants the hotel; Welcome is working to standardize first impressions across the short term real estate market. Welcome is a subscription gift box for rental hosts to greet their guests upon arrival, providing a warmer welcome and elevated level of customer experience.

The idea of Welcome was born in an Airbnb with my Co-Founder Nick Chen. We were on a trip with friends and there was only one bar of soap in one bathroom to be split amongst four men. I voiced my annoyance and repeatedly brought it up to Nick, and from there the process began.

Imagine walking into an Airbnb and finding a Welcome box packed with healthy snacks, brand-name amenities, and customizable house rules from your host. That personal touch is worth and extra star when you rate your experience right?. As a host, imagine using this box to impress your guests — and enhance their overall experience — without adding anything to your to-do list. After some stellar reviews, you might even subscribe to receive a few Welcome boxes each month, delivered right to your door. Welcome is helping AirBnb hosts/ short term real estate entrepreneurs competitively improve their guests first experiences and help them drive repeat business.

What would you say has been your defining moment as an entrepreneur?

Successfully raising my first 100k in venture funding. The thrill and validation that comes with industry experts investing their hard-earned money in an idea you believe so much in is an indescribable feeling. The process of taking an idea, turning it into a discussion, a design project, a business model then raising money and flipping it into a business. The process took around 6 months and it culminated in us raising enough money to take a real shot at solving a problem that needs a solution. Raising my first $100k was about more than money - it was a symbol of the process; the time, effort and determination it took to turn an idea into action.

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