African-American Craft Beer Brewers Link Up For Their Own Festival

  • Fresh Fest is the first-ever beer festival for breweries owned by African-Americans

  • Fresh Fest is breaking the stigma around beer in minority communities, and exposing those communities to the African-American brewers in this typically white-dominated space.

At Nova Place, on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA, there is a day long festival of African American craft beer brewers called Fresh Fest. The purpose is to celebrate black brewing talent and emphasize that craft beer, often associated with the white hipster types, is becoming more diverse.

The event was founded by local print-shop owner and craft beer enthusiast Mike Potter, and Stand-up comedian Day Bracey, who also produces a podcast called Drinking Partners. Together along with Black Frog Brewery owner Chris Holland they are hoping to expose more people of color to craft beer while also highlighting African-American craft beer talent across the country.

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