Case Study: Kenny Wall


“I want to be the Anthony Bourdain of Barbering…”

Kenny Wall - Master Barber

The Challenge

In 2018 Master Barber Kenny Wall decided that he wanted to use his talent to help build up the community; not just his community, but underserved communities across the world. He was looking for an opportunity to build a brand for himself, raise his profile so that he could be an influence to others through his craft. He reached out to BOBM to get help telling his story.

The Project

With Kenny’s infectious personality he was an easy canvas to build around. We wanted to show the world the good is doing through barbering, We decided to build a content strategy around Kenny’s business through the lens of a digital series called FADED.

A New Brand

We started by creating formal branding for Kenny and his barbering business.

Once we established a new brand identity, we shot some fresh visuals to accompany it, Even securing a brand ambassador deal with Spitfire Sunglasses along the way.


Let’s Get FADED

Once we completed Kenny’s re-brand, we set our focus on documenting his daily life and building stories around that content. You can watch the two-part docuseries on our Billion Or Bust TV Youtube Channel